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mixbook digital stickers mixbook digital paper

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Mother’s Day Cards and Gift Ideas for The Best Mom Ever: Yours

Mother's Day Cards

Mother’s Day is just around the corner (May 10th this year for those of you scrambling to find your calendars), so there’s no time like the present to start planning.

Mother’s Day represents female power be it your mom or step-mom, an aunt, grandmother, best friend who’s a mom, or even a family friend who has always been there for you. It’s important to let these special women – no matter who they are or what their role of loving you looks like – know that you appreciate and value their hard work. Luckily, letting mom know she matters doesn’t need to break the bank. In fact, it’s the simple things that speak louder than words.

Mixbook offers an array of beautiful cards like Mason Jar Vase that allow you to show off a personal photograph beside eye-catching artwork and still have enough room to write mom a little note. It’s just the type of card to get taped onto the refrigerator for mom to treasure for months to come.

Mother's Day Cards


Mother’s Day Watercolor is a gorgeous choice for the gardening moms out there with stunning, artistic flowers that whimsically fall down the page. Cuter than a bouquet and it lasts longer – that’s what Mixbook calls a win-win!

Mother's Day Cards

Mixbook’s Watercolor Floral Calligraphy card is the perfect example of when less is more. Thanks to Mixbook’s clever designers, the spring colors and wreathlike artwork create instant warmth for mom’s special occasion.

Custom Mother's Day Cards

The Illustrated Floral card brightly accentuates a personal photograph if you have one you really love. The peony-like flowers frame both your photograph and your mother’s day message to create a lasting affect.

Mothers Day Cards

For the hip moms out there, Mixbook offers Chalk Mother’s Day – a stylish design that offers room for two photographs instead of one with graphics that scream super-cool mom.

Personalized Cards For Mom

Mixbook’s Gold Mother’s Day card adds some gold glitter to a more traditional card that will appeal to anyone who loves sparkle. The personalized message on the back is a nice touch that will look great in a keepsake book or on mom’s kitchen table.

Mothers Day Cards

Flourish Mother’s Day offers that same personal touch on the front and back that means so much to mom, in a streamline design that’s on-trend for 2015.

Flourish Mother's Day

And last, but certainly not least, be sure to check out Mixbook’s Tropical Mother’s Day, which includes room for two of your favorite photographs on a background of hibiscus flowers straight from the sunny shores of Hawaii.

Floral Mother's Day Cards


Remember when you used to draw a couple of stick figures on a piece of paper and the tall one was labeled ‘MOM?’ Remember how much mom loved it and would hug and kiss you for your efforts? This year, transform your stick people into actual people in a Mixbook Photo Book just for mom.

Mother's Day Photo Books

From soft, dreamy books like Mixbook’s Everyday Watercolor to bold, graphic statements like the Mid Century Modern photo book, Mixbook offers a backdrop for every mom and for every palette.

Photo Book Ideas

Geometric Brights is a fantastic statement piece for artists, scrapbookers, designers and techno-geeks alike. Mixbook understands what modern moms want.

Mother's Day Photo Books

A Mother’s Love, on the other hand, is Mixbook’s ode to mom in all things feminine and inspirational. This is a photo book that will inspire many a smile.

Mother's Day Books

Mixbook’s Whimsical Mother’s Day melds traditional with playful in a photo book that represents mom in all of her many facets. Be warned, the sparkly touches are irresistible.

Books For Mom

Finally, 10 Things I Love About Mom is Mixbook’s way of saying that sometimes you’ve just got to get mushy. The love shines brightly for mom in this tender and absolutely enchanting collection photo book.

Books For Mom

Tips for Taking Fabulous Family Photos

It’s fun to capture the moments of your life in photos – and, when you get that great shot of your kids, friends or family members, it can feel like a huge accomplishment. However, too often we get excited for that perfect shot, only to see that something doesn’t look quite right. We have some tips for you to be a better photographer. Not even the best photographers get perfect pictures every time, but we can give you a few pointers so that you can set up your photos with a little extra expertise… say “cheese”!

Tips for Taking Fabulous Family Photos


Avoiding the “row of heads”

First, if you are doing family portraits with a lot of adults, or with any people who are approximately the same height, avoid having a row of heads. By having some people sit, others stand, and maybe some kneeling or on chairs, you will create a more pleasing and interesting composition.


Second, if you’re shooting a family portrait that involves both adults and children, it can be hard to get both children and adults into the frame if everyone is standing in a row. It’s best to have the adults sit or crouch so that they are close to the children’s heights. That way, you can see everyone’s faces without an awkward disconnect between heights.

composition tip Composition Tip

Close the gaps

Family togetherness? Yes! If you’re photographing a group, avoid awkward gaps. The closer everyone is physically, the more connected they will appear in the photo.

Close the gaps

Capture movement with natural posture

Remember, too, that your subjects aren’t robots. That means that your photos will look awkward if they’re too stiff. Encourage people to move, bend and have a natural posture when you’re taking their pictures.


Let subjects be a little off-center

Finally, keep in mind that not every photo has to have your subjects exactly in the center. Sometimes, the people appear even more enhanced when they are off to the side with something interesting in the background.


Be eye-level with your subject

The angle from which you shoot your subjects can make a huge difference in how people appear. For example, if you’re shooting from below face-level, you could get unflattering double chins. It’s better to shoot from above or at eye-level.


… or have a fun angle, like from above!

Experiment with fun angles, especially if you’re photographing children. Try kneeling so that you are ground-level with the kids, or shoot from above while kids are lying down.

Kids kids


Using a direct light source

If you’re taking indoor photos, avoid relying on only overhead light. Instead, use lamps or, if it’s a darker day, a direct light source.

Direct Light Source Tip

Avoiding backlighting

The next important concept is avoiding backlighting. In order to get indirect light, move your subject to the side if you can. Twilight and dusk are the two best times to shoot photos outdoors.

Avoid Backlight


Remember, photography is about capturing the essence of the moment – not about ensuring that everyone looks perfect. You want to remember your loved ones for how they actually are, not as perfectly posed images worthy of a greeting card. That means let the kids laugh, play and have fun. Even if you’re trying to get a group, you can have everyone doing a little something different or fun. Your photos will be that much better if people’s personalities are able to shine!

Photo Tips