New Designs by Amy Tangerine

Here’s something that will brighten up the gray skies above! We have a new set of greeting cards and matching address labels from Southern California designer Amy Tangerine. Amy is a creative powerhouse who has brought her unique style into fashion, watercolor typography, and scrapbooking. Her vibrant colors, fun patterns, and hand-crafted lettering are eye-catching and true eye-candy.

Amy Tangerine Card Designs

Having a set of stationery on hand is never something that will go out of style. Even through the digital communication boom of texting, email, or social media–nothing can trump a hand-written letter. Taking the time and effort to write to a pen pal or relative is a gesture much appreciated.

These brand new designs by Amy Tangerine are available for purchase on Spread notes of thanks, hello, or just because!

IMG_9644 IMG_9661 IMG_9668IMG_9688 (1)


Mixbook Save the Date Designs

OMG!  (Translation: Oh My God!)

TMB AEAP!!  (Translation: Text me back as early as possible!)

B/F asked ? (Translation: Boyfriend asked question)

FOMC! (Translation: Falling off my chair!)

So GR8! (Translation: So great!)

I said YES! (Translation: I’m getting married!!!!)

Some things, like modern day communication, have changed – other things, like sending out a save-the-date card when you get engaged, haven’t.

Mixbook offers a cornucopia of save-the-date options for every couple out there. We understand that no two weddings are alike, just like no two couples are the same. One lovebirds’ heaven is another couple’s root canal, so whether you’re planning a mountaintop declaration or a swank soiree in the city, we’ve got what you need.

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2016 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Candy, chocolate, ice cream. Yes, all things sweet but not as sweet as lasting LOVE. This Valentine’s Day, our loved ones deserve something to last as long as your love for them.  A gift that encompasses the connection you share: unique, creative, effortless, and memorable. Here is our 2016 Valentine’s Day gift guide that’s sure to make some hearts gush with gratitude.


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