Father’s Day Cards for All Types of Dads

Father's Day Card Ideas

Dads are unique characters that standout from the rest of the family. With a sense of humor that usually makes themselves laugh the hardest, predictable fireside stories you’ve heard a million times, that sweater he never wants to throw away, and yet always an unrelenting system of support and love. He’s Dad! There’s no substitute for the bear-hugging big guy.

This Father’s Day, Mixbook has the perfect cards to tackle the toughest gifting member of your family: Dad. Each one of our Father’s Day cards matches a unique father in your life.

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Spring Cleaning – Tips to Getting Your Photos Off Your Phone

spring cleaning tips mixbook

Come spring we all know we’re supposed to launder the curtains and air out our closets, but what about our tech? How do we spring clean technology?

When it comes to photos, we collect hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of photographs on our phones and computers. But then what? It’s not like the old days when we printed them out at the local developing kiosk. Enter Mixbook’s Spring Cleaning Guru…

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Grad Party Must Haves


The clock is ticking down to the big day… Graduation! (Oh my goodness, I can’t believe it’s really here!) Followed by the party (check out 5 Tips To Wow Your Grad for some great ideas). Followed by sleeping for a week and never throwing a party for 500 people again.

Maybe we should check that To-Do List one more time.

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