5 Simple Ways to De-Clutter Your Life with Mixbook

We’re not saying that we’re anywhere near being featured on the next episode of Hoarding: Buried Alive, but we have been guilty of allowing photos, classroom art projects, old greeting cards, movie stubs, and scribbly recipes to claim serious real estate in our homes.

But we’ve had enough! We envision a home where “junk drawers” don’t exist, shoeboxes and dust bunnies are banished from underneath the bed, and where the refrigerator door no longer sheds flapping pictures and papers each time it’s opened and closed.

In an effort to de-clutter our lives, we’ve turned to Mixbook (and our trusty scanner) for five simple ways to restore order to our living spaces. Check them out below!

1. Upload Hard Copies

year in review photo book

“Year in Review” photo book

Scan and upload hard copy photographs into Mixbook—it’s the perfect way to finally liberate yourself from those stacked shoeboxes that are bursting full of family photos. Memories of your daughter’s first trip to the beach or your puppy’s first night at home don’t need to stay in a box. Scan, upload, and mix them into a photo book that you’ll be proud to display on your (newly tidy) coffee table!

2. Preserve Masterpieces
Preserve and display your child’s artistic genius. How? Easy! Simply scan your children’s artwork, upload the images to Mixbook, and create a photo book that would impress even the toughest art critic. Not only is this a great gift idea for grandparents, but it ensures you’ll never have to worry about missing macaroni or water damage incidents on your kid’s masterpiece again.

3. Clear Card Files
Save file space for more important documents. Empty folders of old postcards from your trip to Italy and outdated birthday cards from your hubby. After you’ve scanned their images and created a photo memory book, you’re free to recycle those treasures and continue moving towards a clutter-free living space!

4. Toss Old Tickets
Pinning concert and movie ticket stubs to your hallway corkboard can become a good habit turned bad. Chances are if you unloaded all the concert flyers and tour programs you’ve accumulated, you’ll see that most are either expired or no longer hold the sentimental value you once associated with them. Why not scan and scrapbook them, placing concert tickets next to photos of you at the concert? It’s a winning situation when you end up with less mess and a memory-rich photo book (backed up with proof) in the end.

5. Organize Recipes

recipe photo book

“Family Recipes” photo book

Consolidate scribbled recipes in a recipe photo book. All of your most prized recipes will be in one place where they’re easy to read, locate, and share. Recipe photo books make great gifts for young adults getting ready to leave home for the first time. They’re also a neat way for Grandma to pass down her secret family recipes.

Get started now!


  1. Betty Jo Phillips says

    This is so exciting! I’ve purchased a copy wand to download my photos, etc., for doing this very thing. Can’t wait to get started!! I also purchased copy wands for my daughter and daughter-in-law so they can save my grandchildren’s art, photos, etc. Oh, and I’ve also purchased two…yes, I said two larger copy machines for this very same activity….now, MUST find the time to get started!

  2. Vicki Fernandez says

    The recipe book is such a great idea however the theme book to make it on Mixbook is really impractical. You’ll have to redesign most of the pages in order to actually use it for recipes because the text space is way too small- especially those really cute recipe card graphics. To save space, add a second column for ingredients to make the list shorter and leave room for directions. Since you can’t add columns with the software, put two text boxes next to each other.

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