How to Remove Just About Anything from Your Mixbook Photo Projects!

Most of our tutorials thus far have shown you how to add or edit something in your photo project. To spice things up, this tutorial will specifically refer to how to remove things from your project. You can think of this as your Delete Reference Sheet. We’ll start with deletions within the editor, and then move onto a few ways to remove things from your Mixbook account.

Removing Items from Within the Editor

To remove a page from your project, you will first need to click on it in the page tray. Next, click on “Remove Page” in the Page Tools box.

Highlighted Page Removal ButtonText, Stickers, and Photos
To remove an element from your project page, click on the element so that its toolbar appears. From the toolbar, click on the red “x” to remove the element. This red “x” is usually the very last button on the right.

Element Removal HighlightedStyles
To remove a style from your element, click on the element, then click on the paintbrush icon. This will bring up the Styles Toolbox. From there, click on the respective styles tab. Located right below the tab will be your removal options: “No Border,” “No Shadow,” etc. Clicking on the text will remove the  element. To learn more about styles, check out our entry on all the style tools!

Remove Styles HighlightedPhoto Span
To remove or prevent an element from spanning onto the next page, click on the element. In the toolbar that appears, click on the “Span” button to stop the photo from going onto the next page. Only one side of the button should be highlighted. Point #5 in this post will give you more insight on this feature.

Span Button Highlighted

Technically, there is no real way to remove a background. However, if you would like your page to return to a white background, you can follow these steps.
1. Click on the Backgrounds tab
2. Click on the color swatch right below the “+Browse Backgrounds” button
3. Select the color white

Selecting a White Background

Elements in your Tray
To permanently remove photos, or any elements you have personally uploaded, hover your mouse over the photo or element. When the red circle appears, click on it to remove the element from the tray.

Removal from Tray Highlighted

Removing or Deleting Your Project From the Your Mixbook Account
To delete your project from your Mixbook account, click on the Home tab, then locate the project you would like to delete by scrolling down. If your project has already been published, click the My Projects link located in the lefthand bar, and locate the project on the page that loads. Once you have located your project, you will see a set of different links to the right of it. To delete your project, click on the last link which reads “Delete”. You will then be brought to a confirmation page. If you are absolutely certain you would like to remove this project from your account, click on the “Delete this Project” button.

Delete Project from Site
Please note, deleted projects cannot be restored to your account.

Removing Contributors from Your Project
To remove a contributor, first locate the project from your Home tab and click on the Settings link located to the right of the project. Click on the Manage link in the Contributors section. To remove the contributor, click on the Remove and Ban link, which will load a confirmation page. If you are certain you no longer want this person to contribute to your project, proceed by clicking the Ban User button.

Removing Contributors from a ProjectPlease note, once a contributor has been banned from a project, they cannot be invited back to the project at a later time. Please ban carefully!

Removing Items from Your Cart
To remove items from your cart, click on the Cart link, located in the top righthand corner of the page. Next, click on the Review/Change link, which will load a new page. To remove an item from the cart, change the quantity to 0 (zero) and click the Save Changes button. This will successfully remove the product from your cart.

Removing Items from Cart

There you have it! A quick start guide on how to remove just about everything in your photo projects! :) Make sure to bookmark this page (or pin it!) for future reference. Happy Mixbooking!


  1. Laurie says

    I just made a book using the auto mix and it turned out to be well over 200 pages! I want to keep the number of pages to 150 but want to use all of the photos. Is there some way to tell the automix feature to use a max number of pages! Of course I know mix book wants to have users create more pages ;0) but some pix don’t need their own full page.

  2. Mixbook Customer Care Team says

    Hi Laurie,

    We do apologize but at this time, our automix feature is completely randomized and cannot be edited before the photos are assigned onto the pages. We do not have a feature to select a maximum or minimum amount of pages before automix is applied. We truly value customer feedback and are constantly looking for ways to improve the Mixbook experience for our customers. We will pass your feedback along to the rest of the team and look into offering more options with the automix feature in the future.

    If you have any other questions, please let us know at


  3. Mixbook Customer Care Team says

    Hi Ray,
    At this time, a single page spread, such as the first page after the front cover, cannot be removed.

    To delete any of the other pages in your book, please first locate the “Page Tools” button at the bottom right of the Mixbook Editor. Click on the page you would like to delete in the page tray along the bottom of the page, then hit the ‘Remove Page’ button to delete a page from your book. You will see a red “X” on the thumbnail for the page, indicating that the page has been deleted.

    Please note that if only one page is deleted in a spread, the page will appear blank in your book. We do not automatically move pages up to account for the deleted page, as some spreads may be built as 2-page spreads, and shifting all of the pages up by one will displace the page content. To completely delete a spread you need to delete both pages in the two-page spread.

    We hope that this helps and if you have any other questions, please let us know at


  4. Mike Malek says

    I have chosen a gray background that has a gradient, the dark part of which covers the edge of all photos. Is there a way to move the photo forward of the gradient?

  5. Mixbook Customer Care Team says

    Hi Mike! We would be happy to assist you with your inquiry! Would you be able to send the inquiry description and the page number that you are inquiring about to so that an agent may assist you further?
    We look forward to hearing from you!

  6. Brigit says

    I am using a previous album to make a new one – trip to the same place, but two years later and with different people. I want to remove all the pictures in the tray. Can I do that or do I have to remove them one at a time as described above (hovering until a red minus appears.

  7. Mixbook Customer Care Team says

    Hi Brigit,

    Our site currently does not offer a mass delete option but we will be sure to forward your suggestion along to the rest of our team. In the meantime, to delete photos from your photo tray, you will need to delete them one by one.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions at


  8. Michael Nikolaou says

    I have finished a project and would like to remove unused photos from the Photos list. Can this be done in a single step? I tried using the Hide Used option, to hide all used photos, and then remove the remaining photos (more than 500!) but it appears that I can only remove them one by one.
    Help would be appreciated.

    (BTW, very nice job on setting up the Mixbook site. I migrated from Blurb, which I have been using happily for years. I was drawn by the possibility offered by Mixbook to edit projects on the web without sacrificing speed or customization – unlike old web-based options, such as PhotoWorks. Along the way I discovered a whole bunch of options I had long wished, such as setting transparency, shades, textured backgrounds, and others.)


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