Easy Appetizers and Drinks for Your Holiday Party

The weather is getting colder and the lines at the mall are longer. It must be getting close to Christmas! If you’re hosting a holiday party this year, Mixbook is here to inspire your festive celebration. From the appetizers to the libations, there’s a lot to get done. Let’s make this easy!

The Apps

Get the party started the delicious way with the easiest appetizers. Keep them simple and try to elevate traditional plates–but don’t go too crazy on the apps,  you want to satisfy your guests, not stuff them. Finger foods are the go-to for most social functions. Stick to bite-sized dishes with a lot of flavor.

Cheese Balls!

Everyone loves a good cheese ball. Crackers, creamy cheese, spices…what’s not to love? Have some fun with your cheese balls by adding almonds to resemble winter pinecones. This idea is pretty clever and sure to get rave reviews! You may also roll your balls in dried cranberries, pistachios, or crushed candied pecans.

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Photo Projects for This Year & Next

You’ve probably heard it a hundred times already: “Can you believe it’s almost 2016!?” Yes, another year has flown by right before our tired eyes. Here at Mixbook, we cherish these last few weeks of the year. It gives us a chance to reminisce about the fun and memorable year we’re concluding, but also excites us to look forward to the amazing opportunities and adventures that lay ahead.

How to Take Better Summer Photos

Without even realizing it, I’ve taken 1,470 photos this year between my mobile phone and GoPro camera. That’s a ton of photos with great project potential. This time of year should not only be memorable but be inspiring as well. Here are a few ideas to make use of your 2015 photos and some tips on how to plan for projects in the upcoming year.

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3 Great Last Minute Gifts

The clock is ticking! With only 5 more days until our Christmas standard shipping deadline arrives (12/19), today would be a great day to get your holiday gifting done. Don’t panic just yet! We’re here to help even the biggest procrastinators win Christmas with amazing and personal gifts.

Mixbook offers some really crafty options this close to Christmas. These gifts are designed to be completed in less than 10 minutes!

Mosaic Photo Books

mosaic photo book mixbook holiday Mosaic

Available on both Android and Apple iOS devices, Mosaic photo books are the most popular “instant photo books” you’ll find. Import your photos from your phone’s library, Picasa, SmugMug, Amazon, Dropbox, Instagram, or Facebook. Select your favorite 20 photos, type a message into the cover page, and your book will arrive in four days!

It all starts with 13 precisely machined windows to showcase your photos. It continues with a durable linen cover that feels great. Your photos are printed razor sharp on silky smooth paper engineered specifically for our presses to ensure colors are vivid and blacks are inky. It all combines to create something wonderful. The perfect gift for someone who doesn’t have enough time but doesn’t want to sacrifice quality!

Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are gifts that have major WOW appeal. Choose a photo and pick your size–that’s all the work you’ll have to do. Import family portraits, pet glamour shots, or beautiful photos of landscapes. Your recipient will be stunned with the quality and sentimental value of our canvas prints.



Montage Photo Books

With Montage, photo books have never been easier. The unique auto-fill feature of our Montage photo book software lays out your photos without any effort from you! Choose from beautiful custom-designed themes and watch your photos come to life. Montage photo books display spreads in a lay-flat build so your shots are seamless and smooth page to page.

montage mixbook photo book holiday giftmontage holiday gift last minute 2015


Just because the Christmas holiday is almost upon us, doesn’t mean you should settle for a gift you know they’ll return. Put some sentiment and thought into a beautiful photo product from Mixbook.com. Check out more holiday gift ideas here and here! Review all of our holiday deadlines here as well. Now get gifting!