Just ask your soon-to-graduate: as with any respectable term paper, a great party requires a few key components. With a final paper there’s the Introduction where you pose a question and prepare the reader for what’s to come; the body where you extrapolate on your topic and add value; and finally, there’s the conclusion where you really drive home your point. With a celebration, it’s really the same thing. The introduction is all about the decorations and the mood you set. The body of the party is all about the actual fun, plus a healthy dose of reminiscing along with some dreaming of possibilities. And, finally, there’s a sweet conclusion – in the form of dessert, of course. Here’s how to throw a graduation party that’s sure to earn great marks…

The same way an intriguing opening paragraph piques interest and gets your reader to engage, a little decorating right at the entryway sets the scene for a great celebration. Hang crepe paper, string balloons and put out flowers as you would for any party, but don’t forget to add a couple little details that make this occasion special and specific to what you’re celebrating. Some of our favorites include putting out a candy jar filled with Smarties candy; making miniature mortarboards out of bite size Peanut Butter Cups and After Eights; creating tiny diplomas out of Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls wrapped in royal blue ribbon; or carving a watermelon with the graduation year on the side.

Graduation Party Ideas

The main idea, as outlined so clearly in the introductory paragraph, is about looking back, looking to the future – and doing a lot of living in the moment. With these goals in mind, we recommend starting with a celebratory drink. Whether it’s a favorite cocktail or simply chocolate milkshakes, the grad deserves to celebrate with a great toast to the present moment! Once everyone’s feeling convivial, guests can have a little fun with reminiscing. Create a picture collage that chronicles the many phases of the graduate over the years.

It’s also tons of fun to set up a “Guess How Old” picture game with fun prizes for the guests who get it right.

Grad Party Ideas

For as wonderful as it is to wax nostalgic, it’s important to also look to the future. Set up a “good luck jar” for the graduate to sift through after the party. Ask friends and family members to write little wishes on slips of paper, then drop them into the jar. The graduate can look at them right after the party – or pack them up and take them along to the next big thing for a fun transition.

Graduation Party

We also love the idea of guests adding well wishes to sticky notes that are added to a big public poster. The fun there is that funny “posts” can be enjoyed by others, but  after the party they can be easily peeled up and added to an album.

Really drive the fun home with an A+ dessert. If the honored graduate has a favorite one, make that and come up with a way to make the presentation extra special. Or, have a little fun with a cake that’s based on their degree like this one for graduating from medical school.

Graduation Party Cake

Whatever you do, pace yourself with party prep so you don’t end up cramming for the big event.

Happy Mixbooking! Have fun celebrating that smarty-pants!


This Father’s Day, send the dads in your life a custom-made card from Mixbook – and a special gift to match. Here are our top picks!

1. Create a personalized card using the Father’s Day Tools Mixbook card. Add any favorite photograph of the honored dad and his progeny, or make it specific to the theme by using a picture of dad with his trusty assistants working on a project together. Wrap up something from the hardware store along with a promise to help on the next big workbench-adventure. 

Father's Day CardsFather's Day Cards

2. Customize Mixbook’s Chalk Father’s Day card with a favorite photograph of dad doing something he loves with the kids. On the card’s reverse, include the items on his breakfast-in-bed menu. On Father’s Day morning, bring him the card and a cup of coffee, then let him take his pick for a leisurely meal with the family.

Father's Day Cards

3. Make a list of all your favorite things about dad! Either add them to Mixbook’s Five Reasons Dad card, or include them in the interior of the I Heart Dad card. If you’re up for a fun challenge, wrap up one little gift to accompany each item on the list. You can make the all small tokens, or make the last one something more significant for a fun surprise.

Father's Day Card IdeasFather's Day Card Ideas

4. Sometimes just one great photo on one great card says it all. Customize Mixbook’s Vintage Father’s Day or Modern Collage card with the single best photo or top-four pics of all time that you can find from the archive. Done! Except that after all that sifting through great photos, you’re bound to feel a little nostalgic. So take the opportunity to create a folder of all the contenders for Best Photo Ever, and make a Father’s Day Photo Book too!

Father's Day Gift IdeasFather's Day Card IdeasFather's Day Gift Ideas

5. Don’t forget Grandpa! We all know that behind every great dad is a great grandpa! Send the patriarchs in your world Mixbook’s World’s Best Grandfather card. On the interior, list off all the criteria that it purportedly took to earn this honored title.

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Happy Mixbooking! Happy Dads’ Day!


4 Perfect Father’s Day Photo Book Ideas

It’s time face the facts. You have the most adorable dad in the world (besides mine). Make sure he is aware of this revered designation because it will finally explain to him why he’s constantly getting smiles from everyone from old ladies to little kids. And if he claims that this isn’t the case: that’s just even more adorable! Am I right?

Father's Day Photo Book Ideas

Chalk It Up to Sheer Adorableness
So, this Father’s Day, compile your evidence in Mixbook’s fabulous new photo book theme called Father’s Day Chalk. With chalk-drawn neckties, “I heart dad” doodles, toolbox art, top hat and ‘stache pics, “World’s Best Dad” banners and fun quotes, this trendy design will frame dad to look like an ultra hipster – ironic or not. The design works equally well if you’re making the book for your own father or if you’re creating the book on behalf of your kids for your baby-daddy. A variety of layouts allow you to create fun collages and meaningful vignettes alike.

Father's Day Photo Book Ideas

Perfect Ten
Then there are dads so awesome that you just want to rattle off all the things you love about him. Mixbook’s 10 Things I LOVE About Dad template lets you list two-hands-worth of reasons he rocks. And while you can always add extra pages as needed using the easy Mixbook editor, we encourage narrowing it down to really bring in to focus the truly incredible things about your dad.

Father's Day Photo Book Ideas

Quotable Dad
Whether every word that comes out of your father’s mouth is genius or just – without fail – uniquely “him,” put together a book of classic Dad-isms. Make sure he’ll find them funny (we recommend running them by his spouse, best friend or siblings to verify), then illustrate each one with a fun photograph.

Father's Day Photo Books

Our Hero
If your dad serves or served in the Armed Forces, create a book that celebrates his role as your hero. With unique layouts specifically for Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard, you can customize the design of your Military Heroes photo book to perfectly suit his branch. Each layout features appropriate colors, mottos and expressions. Don’t forget to close the book with a great photo of him coming home. He may look like a noble hero in every photo from page 1 to 25, but we feel confident that on that last photo of him picking up the kids he’ll be – without question – adorable.

Father's Day Photo Books

Happy Mixbooking! Happy Celebrating Dad!!

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No matter how gifted your graduates are, they’re bound to be more successful if they know how to write a proper thank-you. In fact, many commencement speeches focus on the art of being grateful. Marilyn Lacey, in a speech given at Saint Joseph’s college, said:

“Did you know that it is actually impossible to be grateful and unhappy at the same time? … Don’t take my word for it: try it. Try giving thanks for everything that comes your way – everything: the heartaches as well as the triumphs, the setbacks as well as the successes. The choice is yours: Unhappiness. Gratitude. You pick!”

Graduation Thank You Card Ideas

And, after all, what’s the point of education and self-betterment if not to make us happy. So – to find gratitude is to find happiness. Starting with your graduation thank-you notes. For each and every thank-you note your graduate writes, encourage them to:

Make it YOU
Mixbook offers lots of graduation thank you cards designed to match your graduation announcements for a seamless aesthetic. But it’s also a nice opportunity – especially if your graduation announcement was on the more formal side – to diverge from the template and go a little more casual. When you express your appreciation to someone, you typically have a smile on your face, so it makes sense that the images you choose to feature on your thank-you card show your smiling face. You can use the same picture from your graduation announcement, but it’s a fun little twist to add a photo of you jumping for joy or doing a cartwheel or giving a fist-pump in the sunset. Make it campy, make it silly, make it YOU.

Graduation Thank You Card Ideas

Even if you chose a formal, typography-only style for your announcement – and want to keep the design the same for your thank-you note, you can use the Mixbook editor to add a photograph to the inside or reverse of the card.

Graduation Thank You Card Ideas

Make it personal!
Depending on how much support (i.e. how many graduation announcements you sent out – there’s a link for sure!), you garnered from family and friends, there could be a lot of thank-you notes to write. It doesn’t take an A+ in advanced calculus to figure out that a little pre-printed personality will save some hand-achingly tedious penmanship. We love the idea of printing your top 5 reasons to be thankful right on the card!  Everyone will appreciate it, and you’ll have less to write on each card. Simply find a blank portion of the template and use the Mixbook editor to add a textbox. Your reasons could be something like this:

Grad Thank You Card Ideas

My Top 5 Reasons to Be Thankful

  1. Constant support by my family.
  2. The opportunity to attend this amazing school.
  3. Exposure to teachers who left it all in the classroom every day.
  4. The existence of my awesome youth group.
  5. My coaches who pushed me to be better every single day.

When you truly take the time to reflect on how you’ve gotten to be the amazing person you are today, it becomes all that much more apparent who has helped you get there. Say thank you!

Graduation Thank You Cards

Happy Mixbooking! Be grateful = Be Happy!

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Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

Shower that beautiful baby mama with all the love and support of her family and friends. Start by choosing a party theme and an invitation to match. And remember: even if it’s baby number three, mama deserves to be celebrated. Regardless of how many bags of hand-me-downs she’s got waiting in the wings, every new child should have a few special things only for him or her. And every mama – perhaps especially the mother of a couple other kids – should be given the opportunity to pause for a moment with the people she loves to anticipate the new wonder on its way.

Mixbook’s latest baby shower invitations pair perfectly with a range of baby shower themes – here’s some inspiration!

Under the Umbrella of Elegance
If cartoonish storks and diapered baby decorations found at big-box party stores are a bit too quaint for your taste, go with the classic, elegant theme of umbrellas. It sets a lighthearted mood without being too over-the-top. Send out Mixbook’s Shower Umbrellas invitation, then decorate with classic parasols. Take the motif one step further with fluffy cloud decorations and faux raindrops made of paper or mimicked with strings of beads hanging from umbrellas. An umbrella-themed baby shower is perfect if you’re hosting the shower during a typically rainy season when guests are likely to show up in their raincoats. The view of stormy skies out the window will seem perfectly planned.

Shower Umbrellas Baby Shower Invitation Baby Shower Ideas*For more inspiration for this party visit Kara’s Party Ideas  

Happily Ever After
If she’s having a baby girl – make her queen for a day by throwing a princess-themed baby shower. Start by sending Mixbook’s Storybook Shower invitation, then adorn the party space with fairy tale–inspired decorations. Present the queen-mother-to-be with her very own crown – and, of course, a tiny tiara for the princess in waiting. Feast on the finest of fare and cupcakes fit for royalty.

Storybook Shower Invitation

Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

Baby’s Got Books!
Help the mom-to-be build a library for her future bookworm. This is a great baby shower to throw moms of second and third (or more!) babies. Not only does it create a wonderful collection of reading material for the new baby, older children can enjoy the gifts in the meantime. What’s important is that mom’s given a special day with her friends and family – or even colleagues! A baby shower that focuses on giving books is ideal for a work baby shower since the prescribed gifts are inexpensive and not too personal. Decorate with storybook-themed phrases like “Once upon a time…” and miniature classic book covers as cupcake toppers. You can even create a photo book to give as a group present. Interview each guest about their favorite classic children’s book, and include photographs, excerpted passages, and memories about the book.

“A Book For Baby Invite”
A Book For Baby Shower InvitationBaby Shower Ideas

A backyard Baby-Q is the perfect shower theme for including the mom-and-dad-to-be in the celebration. Invite family and friends over for some babyback cribs – I mean ribs – burgers, potato salad and whatever else she’s been craving. Make sure you have plenty of pickles on hand, and take the opportunity to churn up some homemade ice cream. Put out lawn games for both adults and children, and sip lemonade along with refreshing mocktails. Remember to take lots of pictures of the party to create a memory photo book of the big event!

“Baby BBQ Invite”
Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

Happy Mixbooking! Happy showers!

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