DIY Tassel Chair Garlands

We’re excited to have Gloria from Little White Whale with us again today to bring you a fun DIY project! See how easy it is to create your own tassel chair garland, perfect for any celebration – from baby showers to weddings.

DIY tassel garland

I started crafting around the time I was planning my wedding a few years ago, which resulted in a lot of DIY projects being incorporated into our special day. Although it was a ton of extra work at the time, I love being able to look back on the personal touches we added, from fabric flowers to a giant heart shaped photo booth backdrop. Here’s an easy project I would love to incorporate if I could go back and do it all over again – beautiful tassel chair garlands! They’re a really fun way to dress up your tables, so call up your friends and family and put them to work :-) Read on to learn how to make your own!

What you’ll need:

  • paper tissue/mylar sheets in different colors
  • scissors
  • tape
  • string or yarn

DIY tassel garland steps

  1. Stack a few sheets of paper tissue, and cut out a 9.5″ x 4″ rectangle
  2. Fold the rectangle in half
  3. Cut thin strips towards the folded edge, about 2/3 of the way
  4. Unfold and separate the layers into single sheets
  5. Roll straight down the center to create a thin “rope”
  6. Bring the tasseled ends together and twist the top to create a loop. Secure with a bit of tape
  7. Repeat steps 1 through 6! You’ll need 8 tassels for each garland
  8. Determine how low you would like the garland to hang from the back of the chair, and cut a piece of string to size (the ones I used were 42″)
  9. Tie on the tassels starting from the middle and work outwards. Attach the finished garland to the chair, and you’re done!

    DIY tassel garland

2015 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Flowers are nice and all, but they don’t stand the test of time the way true love does. So this year – along with the bouquet of (fleetingly) beautiful roses – gift something with a longer life. Something that represents your love: lasting, helpful, smile-inducing and attractive. Here’s our list of top gift picks designed to make friends, family and soul mates feel loved all year long…

Valentine's Day Gifts

Love Letters
Why not go big and send a custom Love note to friends and family near and far? If you skipped holiday cards and didn’t quite get around to sending New Year’s cards, Valentine’s Day cards are a great way to put a little love in the mailboxes of the people you adore. Mixbook’s new Colorful Hearts card is sweet and simple. The Gold Glitter Heart card is dramatic. The Valentine Chalk card is happy and fun. And the new Made with Love card is playful and crafty. Whimsical Sentiment shows off a big, beautiful photograph with overlay text. Valentine Air Mail is designed to ensure the conveyance of affection over long distances. And Heart Collage is a minimalist and modern means of sending sweet wishes. The best part? They are easy to create – just upload your photos, print and send – and they’re 100% sugar free.

“Colorful Hearts”
Valentine's Day Gifts“Gold Glitter Heart”
Valentine's Day Gift Ideas“Valentine Chalk”
Valentine's Day Card“Made With Love”
Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day“Whimsical Sentiment”
Whimsical Valentine's Day Card“Heart Collage”
Gift Ideas

Love Notes
If one doesn’t have ruby-red note cards, how is one supposed to write love notes? We’re just saying…. Sometimes it’s all about giving someone the right tools. Customize Mixbook’s Script Monogram note cards in red for a gift that will keep on giving.

Valentine's Day Note Cards

Love Nest
If you’re lovebirds who have recently feathered your nest together, Mixbook’s pink and red Love-Joy address labels personalized with your shared address make the perfect gift. Tuck them into a gift basket filled with other housewarming items (like a custom Mixbook about the big move!).

Address Labels

Book of Love
Create a personalized photo book that chronicles the love in your life, whether that means a flurry of romantic photos or a series of hugs, kisses and hamming it up with kids, cousins and the family Labradoodle. Mixbook’s new Mod Valentine photo book theme is perfect for love portraits of all kinds. Or express your crafty side with Mixbook’s ever-popular Krafty Valentine photo book.

Valentines Day Photo BookKrafty Valentine Photo Book

Love List
Whether it’s a book about your better half or one about your mom and dad (or son and daughter!), sometimes the easiest way to express affection is by making a love list! Mixbook’s 10 Reasons Why I Love You photo book template lets you count the reasons you love anyone, and choose photographic evidence for each entry.

Photo Book Gift Idea

Love Calendar
It’s only February! A photo calendar is still a great gift – especially if your special someone(s) need more love in their life. Customize your calendar with sweet photos, then add little love notes on random to days for the rest of the year.

Calendar Gift Ideas

Love Coupons
What’s better than having an I-O-U in your back pocket for when you need a little extra affection? Create a custom coupon book that promises random acts of love and kindness whenever they’re needed.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Happy gifting!

Mixbook’s Newest Save the Date Cards Are Here!

As if January weren’t already bursting with new beginnings and big plans, you’re adding “happily ever after” to your vision of the future. There’s lots to do, so start by spreading the news of your impending happy ending far and wide with custom save the date cards. Even if the details of your big day are far from final, if you know the date and the place it’s key to get your save the date card out to guests you are sure will be on the final list.

Save the Date Cards

One photo cards
If you have a single great portrait of you and your spouse-to-be, a one-photo card is ideal. There’s something lovely about keeping your couple portrait simple and having a separate typographic and design treatment that displays all the basic details of your big day on the horizon. Mixbook’s Elegant Script card announces your big news with great flourish in calligraphic text framed by scrolling ligatures. Mixbook’s Whimsical Chalk card displays those details more casually with chalk text on a blackboard background. And the Wreath Save The Date card frames the bride-and-groom’s initials in a wreath that picks up the green from a portrait taken in a natural, bucolic setting beautifully.

Elegant Script”
Elegant Save the Date Card“Whimsical Chalk”
Chalk Save the Date Cards“Wreath Save the Date”
New Save the Date Cards

Full photo cards
If you have a single great photo of you and your betrothed that has some natural space in the composition for an overlay of text, a full-photo card – where the photograph itself goes from edge to edge on all four sides – is perfect. Mixbook’s Save The Date Heart card is ideal when you use your photograph in black and white so that the translucent rose-colored heart really pops. And Mixbook’s It’s A Sign card works best if there’s some quiet space on the horizontal edges of the card so there’s a natural place for the customized label-arrows to sit. Mixbook’s new Love Save The Date and Mod Save The Date cards work beautifully if your portrait is naturally darker at the bottom of the image. Keep in mind that you can always manipulate your photograph so that it’s darker at the bottom and brighter at the top. Choose the Our Timeline card if you have a horizontally oriented image and a few standout dates from the history of your relationship that you’d like to celebrate.

“Save the Date Heart”
Save the Date Heart Card
“It’s A Sign”
Save the date“Love Save the Date”
Save the Date Photo Card“Mod Save the Date”
Mod Save the Date“Our Timeline”
Timeline Save the Date Card

If you have a series of photos from a single event – where the images are related visually – a collage save-the-date layout is a fabulous way to go. Friends and family members will enjoy getting an inside glimpse of what your dynamic is. Try to include a variety of shots – in other words, make sure you’re not kissing in all of them. Make one shot of the two of you holding hands, another of you laughing together, another just lounging together…and yes, maybe one of you kissing. You get the idea – it’s all about letting the breadth of your energy as a couple come through in a photographic collage. Play around with your series of photographs in one of Mixbook’s latest save-the-date collage layouts – from the natural-looking Kraft Paper Collage to the simple Lovely Bond or Transparent Save The Date layouts. Or go bold and modern with the new Triangle Collage that lets couple images peek out through triangles that form a graphic diamond shape.

 “Kraft Paper Collage”
Kraft Paper Collage
“Lovely Bond”
Save the Date Collage“Transparent Save the Date”
Transparent Save the Date“Triangle Collage”
Triangle Collage

Happy Mixbooking! Happy Wedding Planning!