Mother’s Day Cards and Gift Ideas

For all the moms in your world, create Mother’s Day cards that are far better than anything you could find premade. We know you’ve got tons of creativity and inspiration, but since you don’t necessarily have the time to dream up, design and print a homemade card from scratch, Mixbook offers plenty of templates that let you customize what counts – from photographs to specific heartfelt sentiments.

Mother's Day Cards and Gift Ideas

Moms, MILs (aka mother-in-laws), step moms, grandmothers and God mothers will love getting a card in the mail that was crafted just for them. Here are our favorite ways to flex your creative muscles without hiring an agency to do the grunt work.

Top 5
Mixbook’s Five Reasons Mom card lets you list the top reasons you love her next to a great photograph of you together. Extra points for all the wacky and wonderful reasons you worship the ground she walks on.

Mother's Day Cards

The Wordplay Mother’s Day card spells “mother” from all the attributes she embodies: amazing, wonderful, stunning, thoughtful, devoted, gracious. Extra points for using the blank space on the card’s reverse for creating another word poem out of the letters of her name.

Mother's Day Cards

Extra, Extra: Mom Rules!
Break the best story in town with your very own tabloid touting the unrivaled talent of your mom with Mixbook’s The Mommy Times card. Borrow from the language we fit to print, or write up your own sensational story.

Mother's Day Cards and Gifts

Grandma’s Great
Everyone knows that mom’s the bomb, but don’t forget the grandmothers! Mixbook’s Pattern Collage card frames a portrait of the matriarch in a quilt-inspired ditsy floral pattern plus complementary colorblocks.

Mother's Day Cards And Gift Ideas

Illustrated Floral Note Cards
If you’re looking for a great gift to complement your custom card, go for personalized note cards. If there’s a mom in this world who doesn’t love custom stationery, we have yet to meet her. Whether her style’s feminine and sweet, modern and bold, or fun and frivolous, Mixbook has sets of cards perfect for printing with her lovely name. We adore the universal appeal of the Illustrated Floral Note Cards – with its true blue color, graphic design and botanical nature – but there are many other great designs to choose from.


Address Labels
Home sweet home. What would it be without mom? As the perfect pairing to a set of note cards, send her a set of custom return address labels. Having them on hand is one of those simple pleasures she’ll enjoy every time she puts a letter in the mail.

“Watercolor Florals”
Mother's Day Gift Idea “Chalkboard Background”
Mother's Day Gift Ideas “Subtle Chevron”
Mother's Day Gift Ideas“Gold Chevron”
Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day! Happy Mixbooking!


There’s nothing a mother wants more than to feel appreciated for the intangibles – the winks, the hugs, the back tickles, the twinkle, the silliness, the listening, the unconditional love. And for this reason, there’s no better Mother’s Day gift than a personalized photo book. There are a thousand reasons you love your mom, so you might feel overwhelmed by the task, but just remember: a picture really is worth a thousand words. So go through your favorite photos of mom and choose the images that capture what she is to you. Then simply add short phrases that sum up your thoughts – or turn to poets, prophets and philosophers to express your love with the eloquence you might lack.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Here are a few of our favorite ideas for photo books in honor of Mother’s Day…

Whimsical Mother’s Day is one of Mixbook’s brand-new photo book themes. Golden hearts, corrugated paper, polka dots and chevrons in a palette of magenta, blue and pink make this photo book template perfect for little boys – or girls with great taste – to give to their moms. Kids will love the glittery embellishments and fun design details like words that frame photos and a series of pictures that come together to form a heart. Moms will love having a book of beautiful photos of the best things on Earth: her kids.

Mother's Day Photo Books

Mixbook’s 10 Things I Love About Mom photo book makes it easy to express appreciation to mom. And, wow, it’s true that kids say the darndest things – especially when they attempt to ascribe words something as enormous as their love for mom. For them, the greatest of love comes through in the minutiae: hiding mini chocolate chips in pancakes, letting them get away with sneaking Simon’s Cat videos in bed, saying yes to a sleepover, making breakfast for dinner. And then there are the moments of poignancy that come through despite their ages. When mom realizes there’s a sliver of understanding of the infinite depths of her love for them, it’s a gift like no other.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mixbook’s Our Story photo book is perfect for older kids to make for mom or grandma. The design featuring birds, butterflies and botanicals is sophisticated and feminine, creating the perfect backdrop for beautiful memories and meaningful words. Borrow from the many quotes sprinkled throughout the pages, or add your own favorites to create an album that’s completely personalized and bound to be treasured for life.

Mother's Day Photo Books

Featuring fun pops of color and graphic flower designs, Mixbook’s Mother’s Day Florals and Bold Mother’s Day Florals photo book designs are perfectly hip for the most modern of moms. Almost Scandinavian in feel, the designs are whimsically appealing to kids and still wonderfully stylish for moms. Have fun with the grid layouts that let you place lots of square photos side-by-side for sweetness and silliness captured in a single related series.

Mother's Day Photo Book IdeasMother's Day Photo Book Ideas

And for the mom’s who are no longer with us, but still plenty alive in your heart, create A Book of Remembrance using Mixbook’s beautiful template. Striking typography, calligraphic flourishes and a quiet, neutral palette come together for a design that conveys poise and great character. Use the timeline to illustrate milestones and the family tree to track the generations. Then add the stories she loved to tell along with snapshots and quotes.

Mother's Day Book Ideas

Happy Mother’s Day! Happy Mixbooking!

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Create the Perfect Graduation Party Invitation

An invitation to the actual graduation ceremony is not only rare – more and more high schools and universities, because of limited space, parse out tickets sparingly. And, honestly, that’s really a blessing. Unless you gave birth to that child – or you are enamored of all scholastic pursuits, especially if involving pomp and circumstance – you are probably not crazy about the idea of spending five hours attending a generally dull event that may or may not include a fabulous keynote speaker.

So stay focused on the more intimate celebration where the graduate will be closer than a pinprick enrobed in polyester glimpsed through binoculars. At the party, the graduate will grace guests’ presence, and be able to bask in the significance of what he or she has accomplished in the relaxed company of family and friends.

Graduation Party Invite

When creating your graduation party invitation, think first about what kind of party the graduate would like. Casual? Formal? Barbecue? Wine and hors d’oeuvres? Indoors or out? Once you’ve settled on a general mood and theme, it’s time to choose the invitation. We’ve selected our favorites, and written up a little summary on which graduate they’re right for. Read on for ideas and inspiration…

Mixbook’s Typography Mix graduation invitation is modern and conveys a sophisticated lightness. The typographically is interesting, and subtle color tones are perfect for framing an arty portrait. I picture this invitation as being perfect for that graduate who is effortlessly stylish – and wonderfully light of spirit.

Graduation Invitations

Mixbook’s Classic Black Grad graduation invitation sets off any kind of photograph beautifully. Because the design is simple, you can take the look of the invitation in any direction with the photographs you choose. But fundamentally, this is an ultra classic invitation that conveys a serious, formal tone. The card has room for a main portrait, plus two thumbnail images to complement the main image. Use them for more pics in the same series, or use them to show off the other wonderful interests of the grad.

Graduation Party Invitations

Mixbook’s Monogram graduation invitation has a beautiful neutral gray background that lends a moody air to the three images it features: one horizontal shot, one vertical and one square thumbnail for an editorial shot. Use that space for another portrait, or get creative and add an image of texture, landscape or a favorite good-luck charm!

Graduation Party Invitation

Even in these days of whiteboards and digital tablets, there’s nothing that conjures years of education like a classic chalkboard. Mixbook’s Chalk Grad Party lets you create a broadside-style announcement rendered in chalk on a classic slate backdrop to gather friends and family to the culmination of a successful education.

Graduation Party Invitation

Perfect for the ever-hip, fashion-conscious grad, Mixbook’s Color Block Grad Party features interesting typography set into saturated fields of color announcing a well-earned celebration in honor of the graduate. Whether it’s an actual block-party or just a casual afternoon get-together, this square invitation sets a relaxed vibe – just what every graduate wants.

Grad Party Invites

Set in classic 1950s-era type and rendered in a fresh blue and yellow palette, Mixbook’s BBQ Celebration graduation barbecue party invitation is both retro and modern. Serve up the classics – burgers and dogs – along with plenty of 21st century twists – from gluten-free buns to small-batch catsup and Sriracha on the side for a celebration that’s in line with his or her vision of perfection.

Grad Party Invitations

For the classically educated – with an appreciation for all things symmetrical and balanced – Mixbook’s Hats Off to the Grad typeset graduation party invitation will fit the bill equitably.

Graduation Party Invites

Ideal for the undeniably modern girl or guy, Mixbook’s Graduation Celebration invitation displays all the party details in a modern grid with fresh colors. It’s a party invite that would be just as appropriate for a backyard picnic as it would for a chic evening display of bubbly (whether that’s sparkling grape juice or Champagne) and fancy appetizers.

Graduation Invitations

Celebrate your bright star with a graduation party invitation that’s as brilliant as he or she is with Mixbook’s Bright Future invite. Carry the star theme into your decorating with simple star-shaped confetti or paper tablecloths stamped with homemade star-shaped potato-stamps. It may sound a little low budget (which it is, hallelujah!) but the look is quite chic if done carefully using metallic paint.

Graduation Party Invites

Happy Mixbooking! Happy Graduating!


If you’ve got great news to share with friends and family about someone you love who’s about to graduate, congratulations! Now for the fun! Your graduation announcement is your opportunity to share with the world who this fine young man or woman has evolved into. So think about how you want to capture this incredible milestone. Do you want to reflect on great memories of growing up? Do you want to gaze toward the future and all the possibility that it holds? Or do you simply want to seize this great moment for what it is? Every option is a good one – what matters most is that the photograph you use on your graduation announcements exudes the graduate’s one-of-a-kind style and personality.

Graduation Announcement Photo Ideas

Looking Forward
If you want to hint at your graduate’s bright future, you have a few great options for photographs that are simple to stage. Of course, a portrait  taken in a cap and gown speaks volumes and implies much about future prospects. But you can go a little arty if you want to with a portrait taken against a wide open, big blue sky. A twist on this shot – that symbolizes clear skies and wide open opportunities ahead – could be a shot of the graduate taken from a kneeling position at the side of a trampoline with the grad jumping up into the clear blue sky. We also love a moody shot of the college-bound senior holding a vintage suitcase and walking along in beautiful sunlight down a quiet country road. Or, if your grad is the introspective, thoughtful type, a cozy shot of him or her cradling a cup of hot tea in the palms of their hands is a great shot that captures their contemplative spirit.

Graduation Photo IdeasGraduation announcement photo ideasGraduation Announcement Photo Ideas

Looking Back
The retrospective shots are always big hits with friends and family. While everyone’s cheering for a bright future, chances are that most of the people receiving these announcements have been fans of your graduate for a long time. So getting a little nostalgic tugs at the heartstrings in a way that makes them wonderfully wistful.  Our three favorite ways to get retro with vintage photos…

  1. Take a photograph of your grad holding a photo of him or herself from kindergarten.
    Graduation Photo Idea
  2. Take a photograph of your grad holding a portrait of him/herself as a kid over half of their face. Make sure the expressions are the same, and that clothes, hair, etc. match up the best they can.
    Graduation Announcement Photo Ideas
  3. Re-create a classic shot of your graduate as a kid. Dig up a favorite old photo – you know, the one that always seemed to nail that elemental spirit that defines your kid? Then re-create it down to every last detail possible.
    Graduation Photo Ideas

Seizing the Moment
If you’ve got a carpe-diem kind of kid, we’re guessing you’re well aware of this personality attribute. Make sure that your photograph captures that live-for-the-present spirit in spades. One of our favorites is a photograph taken with grad year drawn in the sand. We also love the introduction of hand-drawn or chalked messages that say something like “I’m graduating!” or “Wooohoooo, I’m done!” What’s important is that the words sound like their coming from your one-of-a-kind grad.

Graduation Announcement IdeasGrad announcement photos

We’ve also seen lots of examples with graduating year written in marker on feet crossed casually in a barefoot portrait.

Grad announcement photo ideas

And, if seizing the moment means devouring the latest book, here are some great examples of photos from the stacks
Grad photo ideasGrad Photo IdeasGrad PhotosGrad Announcement Photo Ideas

Happy Mixbooking! Happy Snapping!


Pin to Win Graduation Contest

Calling all grads: Here’s your chance to win a $100 Mixbook gift card!

Pinterest Graduation Contest


Three grand prize winners will receive a $100 Mixbook gift card and four additional winners will each receive a $25 Mixbook gift card.


1. Repin our contest pin.
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How to Pin

3. Post the URL of your pin as a comment on this blog post or our contest pin.

You can enter ten (10) additional times by pinning up to 11 of your favorite Mixbook designs and submitting those URL’s as a comment on our contest pin or below! (*You can include all 11 entries in one comment.)


**No purchase necessary to win. Contest begins on 3/20/14 at 12:01AM PST and ends 4/25/14 at 11:59 PM PST. Winners will be selected at random and notified no later than May 10, 2014 by 11:59PM PST. Winners will be notified through Pinterest or email and will have 48 hours to claim their prize. This contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Pinterest. By entering, you understand that you are providing your information to and not to Pinterest.